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Auburn Valley Golf Club Sacramento - Movies


A wedding at Auburn Valley is a charmed day filled with romance. This lovely golf club can host your entire wedding in a great environment, the manicured greenery becomes a wonderful backdrop to each and every moment. Enjoy an outdoor ceremony in the sunny Scenic Clearing. This private location is a quiet site to exchange vows. The ceremony site has great views of the landscape and can be arranged to suit the ceremony of your dreams. Afterward, you and your guests can enjoy watching the sunset from the Twilight Terrace. This fun cobblestone terrace is great for a cocktail hour or an evening reception. String lights create a romantic space, perfect for dancing under the stars. The Banquet Room and Patio are another lovely reception option at Auburn Valley. This room has fantastic views and provides your wedding celebration with a traditional ballroom space. The neutral coloring of the Banquet Room makes it perfect to adorn with special wedding day decorations. Colorful floral centerpieces and linens will transform the Banquet Room to a space that is unique to your wedding.


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