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Tsakopoulos Library Galleria - Video Production

828 I Street Sacramento, CA 95814


Settled in downtown Sacramento, the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria opened in 1992 as a premier event space offering an unparalleled combination of style and space. A taste of history is experienced as the bride and groom enter through the Old Foyer of the original 1918 Library building. The five-story atrium is designed to maximize the use of both natural and artificial light. The towering glass windows and skylights give the illusion of being outside—without the risk of your wedding being rained out. The airy atrium also features several pieces of distinctive public art that will make your wedding as memorable as possible. A bronze and terrazzo floor called Codex Sacramento covers nearly 3,000 square feet of the Galleria, portraying more than 300 symbols relevant to the region and the state of California. Dozens of bronze fox statues by renowned sculptor Michael Bishop peer down from the balconies. Finally, a trio of huge glass and steel rings mounted near the ceiling, Prismatic Coronas, subtly shifts both natural and artificial light around the immense space, making the Galleria a particularly breathtaking setting for evening affairs.

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