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Updates: Videographer - Filming - Movie - Napa

A Nautical Wedding in Nantucket

“I tried on almost 200 dresses,” Nina reveals. “I kept thinking I’d found the one, then changing my mind when I saw the pictures my bridesmaid had taken.” But by the time she slipped on this French lace gown with an illusion neckline and a detachable train by Olvi’s, Nina knew. “The train gave it a little bit of wow factor, and it was the most comfortable dress I tried,” she describes. She paired the gown with a petite bouquet of antique roses, hellebores, and seeded eucalyptus combined soft blush and deep cranberry tones.

Bridal Bliss: Edwin And Georgette's Atlanta Wedding Was A Vibe

"There are a few adjectives that describe her; simple, God-fearing, humble, beautiful, kind etc,'" said the groom of his bride. "She is very down to earth and an extremely beautiful both inside and outside, a very nurturing personality and just an overall good person. A family oriented individual who is very passionate about life and the simple things."



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